Monday, 27 October 2008


flannel-shirt ebay, lamé leggins h&m, heels gojane

i'm so damn busy with the intership, school, work and driving school it's insane!
i work at a cocktail-bar now, i love it.
and i absolutely looove my new booties but unfortunately it's way too cold to wear them outside haha
whatever, i just wanted to show them.
it's 7.oopm and i'm going to sleep now. good night.


  1. Ich liebe dieses Bild! Die Stimmung, das Outfit, die Pose, ach alles passt einfach!
    Und die Schuhe sind der Hammer! <3


  2. Die Schuhe sind mal abartig, also im Positiven. Will auch mit sowas rumlaufen können XD Gibs die in 42 XD

  3. hi janina! great look..

  4. i like your flannel-shirt!

  5. hey i work for a photographer, and i think he would be intersted in photographing you, we are based out of new york but i do casting for him and im trying out searching for people online rather then street casting like i normally do.
    please email me back to talk about this further!

  6. wow, was für ein gelungenes outfit und bild!!! kompliment!!! verlink dich mal, mag deinen blog;) eve