Saturday, 18 October 2008

The New

aa t-shirt dress, h&m hoodie, ebay shoes

I just returned from work, it's 1.o1am and my mind is hyyyyper.
I want to go out, yeah. But there's one problem.
My body is a piiiece of shiiiit! Everything hurts. Guess what. It was my first day today.
Working as a waitress is the best workout i ever had!
And because of this fact (not being able too sleep + not being able to go out) i decided to write my first blog entry. Whohhh!!

I am german but i write in english, because i'm cool.
My english is perfect (maybe you english guys don't see that buuut yeah, well...)

I am a photographer, my name is Janina.

This is not supposed to be a fashion blog mainly.. i guess.
Well, to be honest i have no idea what this shit is supposed to be :)
Fashion & Photography are kinda like the only things i have an idea of buttt we will see...


  1. Mach zwar keinen Linktausch aber ist ja klaro dass ich dich verlinke :) Bin schon gespannt auf deine nächsten Einträge!

  2. schön dich auch hier zu treffen :)

  3. i love the way you speak (write). but anyway you do look like kate moss! that is actually something i have heard too, and everytime i hear that it absolutely makes my day amazing :)
    lets share blog links?

  4. also auf die fotografiebeiträge freu ich mich am meisten!

  5. hello beautiful! so cool you write in english so i can read it :)


  6. It's maybe the first blogger from Germany (which I found in the internet,), who is writing in english and it's very cool, because i can understand everything and it's interesting what you're writing. (:

    Also, I like Germany! My father lives there, so i usually have my holidays in there. And i love Munich a lot.