Wednesday, 29 October 2008

fuck forever

hello my name is pete doherty.
i just gave up my h&m enmity. i mean i still hate like almost everthing they sell buuttt
if they're selling something nice, it's reeeal nice.
so let me tell you everything out of this outfit is h&m. weiiiird.
exept the leather jacket, it's only
i am thinking about selling it, it's like way to short...

i just got this fake fur jacket, which i absoluetly adore.
finally one that keeps my ass warm!
well.. h&m

oh and my fake docs just arrived haha
i think they're pretty cute.


  1. Die Jacke aufn Dritten Bild geht mal gar nicht :D

  2. richtig jeiles paar schuhe :)

  3. Ich hab die selbe Pelzjacke. Rockt. <3

  4. Mag besonders die ersten beiden bilder!Sehr fein :D