Tuesday, 10 August 2010


my shoe obsession has been at a fearful rate the last few days. i feel so guilty and i decided to go cold turkey. seriously, it has to stop. i will not buy another pair of damn fucking shoes this month! if i should not comply to this regulations, i will lick every fucking sole of every fucking shoe that i own, make a video of it and put it online.

but to confront you with the truly important things of life: these phenomenal sneakers from allsaints are now enriching my sneakerless life and i can't wait to have a glorious and suprlatively comfortable walk in 'em. amen.


  1. Interesting plan and good that you´re able to help yourself ;D
    Now you have some time for your "old" shoes!

  2. oh mein goooootttttt darf ich sie dir bitte nachkaufen? scheiße wieso hab ich kein geld, ich will die jetzt auch unbedingt oh gottttttt