Monday, 9 August 2010

boot partner for life

a friend that supports you and keeps you save in every situation. here i am and everything is changing. from the outside it might look like everything is still the same - but it's not and in the end it doesn't even matter what the exterior says. there is a shitload of opportunities and it feels great to be aware of that since i lost my fear.  it feels great to know that everything that is going to happen will be just right. i don't want to tell anything concrete at this moment but things are rolling. there is no greater waste of time than having fear of wasting time. just do what you love. do whatever the fuck it is you want to do and you will be happy. no excuses.

jeffrey campbell via shopbop


  1. Äaah wie kommt es dass du nicht schon seit geraumer Zeit in meinem Reader bist? Sofort geändert..
    Nachträglich alles Gute zum Geburtstag und zum "Umzug", schön hier! And your hair looks fierce.

  2. alter, die schuhe sind die perfektion du doofe kuh! ich will auch.