Friday, 15 June 2012

it's a skirt

There was a time when I used to love skirts. Very, very short skirts. I remember my mothers common parting words being something like: "Young lady, you are not leaving the house in these clothes!!" Her favourite expression for my veryshortskirts used to be "belts". Naturally, I never listened to her and always left the house, dressed in only a few tatters covering my innocent body. A few years ago the moment arrived, when I realised that I had a serious tooshortskirtproblem and that I now was too old to blame it on puberty. To be honest, I just looked at party snapshots of myself and they were literally screaming >>>SLUT<<< at me. Since then I didn't dare to wear skirts in a very long time at all. I wasn't even interested in it anymore and somehow the feminity, relating to my style of dressing, got lost. For the last few weeks my eagerness to experiment seems to be back on track and as a result I dared to do this: Buy a skirt with bandana pattern and wear it.

To be honest, wearing bandanas as tops or skirts isn't really a new thing to me and I am welcoming the trend. Bandana-wear can look super super tacky, which is also a thing I love about it. I was ranging between the skirt and these super dope shorts. Since I own a lot of shorts and not one single skirt, I boldly went for the skirt.  The midi skirt, also really pretty to look at, was a bit too daring for my boytaste.


  1. whats your height??

    1. wooot? really, never thought you're this short. i'm 2 cm smaller and i hate it. but you just got perfect proportions, you lucky bitch! :D

      (another anonymous)

    2. i don't feel short at all. maybe that helps.

  2. it's like you told my story of skirts too :'D you look so fucking good girl

  3. Warum hast du dich so im negativen verändert ?

  4. ★ (・∀・)

    red skirt is very cute <3

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  5. love this outfit (:

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  7. LOVE this!