Friday, 9 December 2011

The Hat

Hat Hurley; Sweater Topshop; Coat Cheap Monday; Shorts H&M; Shoes Topshop; Bag Vintage;

Let me tell you something, you probably didn't know: I love hats, I love them bad. No matter if on a men's or women's head. A hat on a head automatically creates a really chic - but edgy - mood and that's what I love about it. This is by far not the first attempt of actually (that means for more than 5 minutes) wearing a hat. I own quite a few but somehow I never really became friends with the idea of carrying such a huge and uncontrollable something on my head. It just didn't feel right and I have to admit, it still feels pretty weird nowadays. The worst part about trying out something new are the staring people. If you don't feel confident, they will smell your fear and stare you into the ground.

Anyway. What do you think? Looking right or wrong?


  1. ahh you look so fucking right kiddo <3
    thanks for inspiring me since months! laura

  2. ich weiß genau welches gefühl du meinst!

  3. das outfit ist toll! :)

    mir geht es mit hüten wie dir.
    man kommt in die bahn, wird angestarrt & fühlt sich sofort overdressed.
    es gibt tage, da steht man drüber, an anderen wiederum nicht; dann dauert es keine fünf minuten und ich bin wieder hutlos... ;)

  4. Verstehe total, was du meinst. Aber in dem Falle sieht es einfach viel zu gut aus! Da lohnt es sich richtig, wenn du den Blicken trotzt.
    Und immerhin kann ich normalerweise diese Robin Hood Hüte nicht leiden :D

  5. Well it looks great on you! So fake the funk until you realize its true x

  6. Geht mir genauso. Habe auch so viele Hüte und trage sie viel zu selten. Du MUSST dich aber dran gewöhnen, steht dir ausgezeichnet! Vielleicht sollte meine Einweihungsparty in Berlin eine Hat-Party

  7. It looks right on you. Wear it!
    I must say that I totally agree with you. I also have some hats and sometimes I give up wearing them.