Wednesday, 21 December 2011


Pictures from Fashiontrend Mag #26 via fashionising

In case you were wondering what I've been up to: I was intensely thinking about the question, if should get my head shaved.

Okay - that was a quite dramatic introduction and it's also not exactly the truth. I'm pretty positive about the fact, that I will most likely never shave my head. At least not completely. But I have been missing my boy-looking half of a head. I adore short hair on women and moreover, I LOVE the way it feels. This might sound weird but when I had a sidecut, I really enjoyed stroking the bristly hair or more easily letting it get touched by the boyfriend.
Unfortunately, I have no idea how to solve this sidecut-situation in consideration of the current dustmob-situation that is going on on my head.

Apart from this aka what I've been really up to: I had an amazing shoot this Monday. Hope to share the result within the next few days. Pre-Christmas madness has taken over and I'm lagging with editing.


  1. what about an undercut? or asymetrical pixie cut?

  2. Not everyone can wear a shaved head, but you girl rock rock rock and you are so stunning, you could defo pull it off.!

    Btw: Moved to Berlin yesterday, staying at my parent's place for xmas BUT I'm thinking drinks with you some time in the beginning of Jan?