Friday, 30 September 2011

Julien David Spring 2012

Okay, actually I am not a fan of posting runway pictures, simply because I don't want to repeat what 213049812 bloggers already posted. But since this is no Balenciaga or Alexander Wang post and the collection really caught my eye, I thought I should share this.

Especially lovin the jackets and the jumpsuit. AND the tears.
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  1. I love your blog darl ! i saw you lookbook and loved it ! I am interested in modelling so look through my blog and let me know ?But more to the point i just love your blog ! the layout's amazing ! xx - your new follower , feel free to follow back

  2. Just realised your in Berlin ok maybe not , but feel free to visit and follw my blog ! i have followed you ! ps~: my fave is the second outfit

  3. hahaha was just about to call u out for posting runway shots but i must ay i would defiantly wear the third look, fourth one if my closet aloud colour(which it docent)