Monday, 20 December 2010


TWO MIRACLES IN ONE POST. 1. an outfit post of myself per se haha 2. me actually wearing a pair of jeans. may sound implausible BUT i seriously haven't worn a pair of jeans for at least two years?! not that i don't like jeans, i totally even ADORE them but i really didn't feel like wearing them. i simply felt way too uncomfortable in my body to wear them. demdemdem things have changed and i am craving to get  a new pair of hot blue jeans. any suggestions?

sorry for my room being a mess and looking more like a storeroom than an actual living room but that's what it is... a storeroom and photostudio with some really spare interior haha but i don't really have any motivation to change it as i'm planning to move out in spring (having a nice little bedroom leastwise).

topshop shirt; random old black jeans; vintage denim shirt; nilson boots


  1. since leggings, treggings and tights jeans makes me feel fat! i can totally understand you ;)

    where do you have these shoes from? they're gorgeous!

  2. du dumme kuh oida, diese schuhe sind sooooooooooo nice! ich bin neidisch, aber brutal!

  3. the boots are from nilson shoes:
    unfortunately they only ship to sweden..

  4. you're so cute it hurts, haha!

  5. hey, ich bin keine wirkliche Blogleserin, geschweige denn bloggerin. Ich mach das eher so nebenbei für Freunde, und lese, wenn ich nichts zu tun habe. Aber deinen Blog mag ich wirklich gerne. Es tut einfach mal gut nicht immer Schleifchen, Rüschen und süße Selbstdarstellerbilder zu sehen.
    Ich mag einfach die selbstbewusste, raue art. Ist cool! Also wenn mir mal wieder langweilig ist, schau ich vorbei ;)

    bis denne


  6. pure beauty! ilovelovelove.

  7. Beautiful photos!
    If you like, come see me...