Monday, 15 November 2010


to attract - and especially keep up - someones attention with a plain, unfussy, beautiful photography is an effing hard challenge and most of today's photographers fail miserably at the attempt to create such a piece of photography. it seems like they trump theirselves with their freshest photoshop skills and highly staged, plastic sceneries and totally forget about presenting the model in an appropiate and suitable light.

don't get me wrong, i really think that all that technical tools are extremly useful and also actually required at some point but i hate the fact that it has become such a huge trend to flood our world with senseless, unreal and empty pictures. it's sad to see how people seem to lose every kind of claim when it comes to visual aesthetic.

after telling you this, i guess it's kind of needless to say that i love juergen teller and his beatiful, beautiful photography. the art of capturing this very special moment and mood. no need to distract with a conspicuous, fake setting.
i look at these pictures and i start to feel what was going on at that moment he pulled the trigger. i can almost guess the smell of the room and the music that was playing. that's the proof of a good picture.  if  an observer's mind starts rolling. rolling.

to see the rest of this beautiful series, go here.


  1. :D I think it's so funny that your 'about' says 'organisation that supports running away from home', did you do that? I mean did you run away from home?

  2. yes, he has a wonderful ability to capture those decisive moments. these are beautiful :)