Sunday, 31 October 2010


so let me just start by the fact that i haven't seen a movie with a more appropriate title so far. i'm not easy to please when it comes to love stories but i just got totally caught up in this one. i mean is there anything more romantic than shooting up your 4day-excallgirl-1daygrilfriend's pimp, stealing all of his coke by accident and take over the world? i don't think so.
written by quentin tarantino, directed by tony scott it's needless to say that music, costumes and scenery are fucking superior. i fell ineffably in love and true romance has become one of my absolute favourite movies. i have been watching a lot of movies lately and planning on suggesting my favourites on here. i am pretty critical with my choice, so you better watch it. you're not gonna regret it!

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  1. i wanted to see this only for christian slater.but if you say it's good,(and yes,it sounds good)i'll give it a try.