Wednesday, 18 August 2010


when i was a crazy, confused, psychopathic little girl, i saw girl, interrupted and just fell madly in love with angelina jolie. i wanted  susanna & lisa to be my best friends so we could paint the town red and make out and stuff. these pictures are from 1999. i don't think i'd still like to make out with her today.


  1. When they publised these pictures I didn't even try to be 'OMG what did she do?' because she is just to overpresent with everything she does...sometimes I feel like writing to the magazins telling them to stop talking about her all the time.

  2. verständlich.
    (girl, interrupted ist halt auch zu gut)

  3. das ist ja mal ein gutes kommentar:
    "oh mein gott, dein header is so gut! lass uns freunde sein"
    danke dafür, jetzt ruft facebook, da gehtd as ja ganz schnell, haha.