Sunday, 1 August 2010

#1UP-AND-COMING: Fabrizio Mingarelli

To let the ordinary, everday things appear fascinating and beautiful is a very rare talent. We know this since we get flooded by wannabe artistic and oh so individual photography via tumblr, flickr, weheartit & co. Fabrizio Mingarelli proves that it is truly possible to capture the everyday life and disclose it's beauty. The twenty-year-old architecture student from Rome deserves your Love 'coz he's fucking fabolous. So go ahead and check out his work. You're not going to regret it.

Photography - business or hobby?
Photography is only a hobby for me and i'm happy for this because it's made by instinct and inspiration to express something and not for getting money.

when did you start getting interested in photography?
When i was 14, i asked my parents to buy me a camera, a stupid and creepy kodak digital camera. i just wanted to catch feelings with self portraits at first.

with what kind of tools are you working with?
I work principally with a pentax k1000, a canon eos 400d and a polaroid, but i like to use random cameras too.

how do you decide if a scene is picture worthy? i mean, it's not that easy to take a picture of a sheet and make it look amazing.
I don't know how i decide if something is picture worthy or not. everything depends on instinct and inspiration. i have tons of creepy and senseless pics on my hard disc that i took when i was just bored and not inspired. I just wait for inspiration and sometimes it takes a really long time for it to come.

who's your photography superhero?
I have a lot of photography superheros first of all Hedi Slimane and Ryan Mcginley, but there are a lot of unknown photographers who are really talented with gorgeous portfolios. World is full of amazing people.

what's your absolute, ultimate picture-perfect subject for a photograph that you dream of?
I have a lot of subjects in my dreams that i need to photograph like urban perfection of NYC, or the amazing chaos of Tokyo, or wildness and deep green of north europe mountains.

thank you very much.
Thank you.

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