Sunday, 11 July 2010


Munich. I don't even know where to start. So let the pictures speak for itself.
I just realized how much I miss hanging with a bunch of crazy girls. It was pretty fucking aWesOme. Happening shortcut:

- fell in love with the fleamarket. tons of beautiful vintage stuff on the cheap! (such as the velvet crop top)

- got a bad sunburn and tons of mosquito bites.

- lost my cam on the party and found it again the next day. just placed it down while peeing in the bush and it was still there when we returned the next day.

- tollwood is a place at ease. so cute.

- cooking steaks at midnight and stranded booty calls.

You can find more pictures at Milena's blog. Hope to see you soon again.


  1. ich finde dich so wunderwunderschön !
    gute bilder !

  2. na, hättste mir auchma bescheid sagen können, wa

  3. super schöne bilder <3

  4. haha, lot of fun! nice blog... following you now with bloglovin :)


  5. I think that party was good :-)

  6. du bist ein freak und ich liebe diesen blog :D