Saturday, 24 July 2010

back to reality

those last days were just crazy. back from melt festival - i wasn't even nearly recovered - i had to leave for london. it was kind of a training event of the travel agency i'm working for at the moment. everything just seemed so surreal. london is one of the most beautiful cities i've ever been to and it's really not possible to see all of it in one single day. i took tons of pictures and i'm not going to deprive it of you.

yesterday we had a little barbecue at my house, unfortunately the weather wasn't really the best.
now it's time to get  back to reality and i'm pretty glad about the fact that my parents are out of house, ha!


  1. can look cool in anything!!

  2. You are sooo beautiful.

    Guess I really gotta runaway. To Berlin for a few weeks as a starter. But later in fall i need to go some place else. Dunno yet, just a fucking major yearning.

  3. just do whatever makes you happy! luv.

  4. I want to go to London so badly. Can't wait to see your photos.

  5. outfit♥

    da bin ich neidisch, ich will auch mal wieder nach london :(
    und stimmt, an einem tag kann man nicht alles sehen. ich wüsste gar nicht was ich mir da rauspicken würde.

    (ps: klugscheissen. obsessed WITH, nicht by. sorry.)

  6. ich muss unbedingt nochmal hin.
    dann würde ich mir auf jeden fall soho angucken und alle kleinen versteckten ecken die man sonst nicht findet.
    außerdem muss man wohl mal in nem abgeranzten grime club abgestürzt sein. das steht wahrscheinlich sogar auf meiner liste ganz oben haha

    ps. ist schon in ordnung, by geht auch gut. ich finde auch, dass sich with besser anhört, allerdings würde das einen zeilenumbruch hervorrufen und das würde mein design fetisch auge einfach nicht ertragen.

  7. Oh, i really like your outfit!
    Wish I had the chance to be at Melt!, too, but uni decided to be more stressful than ever!
    Ach, I like your blog!

    Cloudy x

  8. great outfit!
    love overside t shirt!