Monday, 22 March 2010


Bambi by Beau Grealy for Russh Magazine

OHHH MYY... this editorial just simply blew my mind. I love everything about it. IT'S PERFECT! I've been really into this hippie style lately. It's almost impossible to find such beautiful vintage pieces where i live! It's soo so frustrating to me. This is also the reason why I've barely been posting outfit pictures lately. I hate almost everything in my closet right now. It's just not fucking me. It can be really hard to be such a erratic person sometimes haha ohh lord, please let this fucked up "finding yourself" trip be over soon! hahahaa I am such a weird little confused kid just don't know how to survive in this cruddy world. I wish I could wear nothing but tattoos and just live this joyful hippie life.

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