Friday, 8 January 2010


dress muji; boots deichmann

back from milan. it was totally not what i expected. the city was dead. italians prefere summer, obviously... the city itself was really beautiful though. my boyfriend got sick and we spent new year's eve together at our friend's apartment, while they went partying.

accordingly the shopping yield turned out pretty puny but i'm very pleased about my newest shop discovery: muji. it's a japanese store and they carry everything that a heart can desire. all products are noname but high-class quality and the whole store runs by fairtrade philosophy. still the key feature (for me) is the ultra puristic design of the products, no matter when it comes to clothing, furniture, electronics or accessories. shame on me i have never heard of it before!

the new year has began and i find myself in condition of trance. so much thoughts running through my head but i can't catch a single one. still i feel like this year holds a lot of opportunities and adventures. i am going to finish school and i am going to travel the world. i don't know where to start.. but i want to see it all.

thank you so much for your support my dear readers,
i wish you all the best for 2010.

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