Monday, 16 November 2009


hello people.
things have been pretty stressful lately, so excuse the lack of posting.
i am building a photostudio at my home and school is simply driving me insane. furthermore i have to get shit together for my uni application portfolio.
...but enough of this randomness nobody wants to hear.

i am going to spend one fucking week in fucking milan! yes sir.
i'm already excited like a little ooziiedoozie!
guess this is going to be the best new year's eve ever.

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i've put some stuff up on ebay.

thanks to my babysister for modeling. comment of her:
"god, i look like a fucking retarded homeless crackwhore or something. give me some glasses!!"

click here to buy.
(europe only, sorry)



  1. what do you want to study?
    photoraphy I guess. where?
    you should become a model.
    seriously, I would try!
    your face is so expressive.

    when I cannot sing my heart..
    I can only speak my mind...
    a whole lotta love