Saturday, 31 October 2009


sorry for the lack of outfit posts lately, but i had an injured foot and wasn't even able to wear shoes.

kate moss has been my biggest inspiration when it comes to fashion. i especially love the simplicity and significance about her look.

i just love my vintage military parka. i think everyone should own one.
makes you feel like the hottest momma on earth. so cool slouchy comy.

of course it looks better with loose, messy hair but my haircut is a disaster at the moment. when i don't feel like doing my hair i just put i like that, even if this look already starts to annoy me.

who is your constant fashion inspiration?


  1. WOW. looks amazing. Love it.

  2. Kristen Stewart is mine

  3. From where did you get that parka? amazing!

  4. You're honestly mine, and you have been for little more than a year. :)

  5. Well I love Kate's style and her beautiful look. Still.

    But currently I'm most inspired by art and fashion/streetstyle blogs. It's more about what clothes are unique and creative than having a certain icon. It's the process of getting to know: Who am I? What reflects me? What do I want?